28 years  155 Kms. 3,6 metres high 12,000 soldiers 302 watchtowers 20 bunkers 2,000 guardian dogs 14 crossing points 5,000 fugitives
The division of Berlin by the so called “Anti-fascist Protection Rampant” (according to communist authorities) or “Wall of shame” (according to capitalist West) was a consequence of agreements signed at the end of WWII by allied powers. Its presence over almost three decades gave birth to two separate ways of life at both sides of the barrier, also producing some of the most dramatic personal accounts and incredible anecdotes in the lifes of berliners from East and West of the city.

Today we guide you into tracing the remains of the ‘Berliner Mauer’ along the centre of the city, from the river to the limits of historic district Mitte with the northern neighbourhood of Wedding. This tour reveals all about the building and development of The Wall, including the less touristic accounts and also reflecs the diversity of opinions that berliners hold regarding its existance and fall.

The visit shows, among others, the East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburger Tor, the Wall Memorial at Bernauer Strasse, Reichstag and the railway´s “ghost stations”. Cost: 20 euros.

“Walled out!” computer animation film of The Wall by the Deutsche Welle:
The fall of the Berlin Wall according to Vladimir Putin: