Berlin is not only one of the most photogenic capitals of Europe, it has also starred in numerous films that tell of its turbulent history through different scenarios. Many of these films have also been essential to understanding the evolution of cinema.

We offer one of the most entertaining tourthrough the city, one that shows you the places and stories related to these movies: from the neighbourhood where the myth of cinema - the great berliner Marlene Dietrich had grown up and is today buried, to Hitler´s bunker portrayed in ‘Downfall’, and other stages of famous contemporary films like 'Goodbye Lenin', 'The lifes of the others', 'Run Lola run', or 'Berlin Calling'.

Our tour of Berlin Cinema covers almost the complete film production since the early twentieth century to today. We also remember the most relevant makers of the New German Cinema (Fassbinder, Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog), those silent films to rival Hollywood ('Metropolis', 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari), the comedies with a political background ('One two three','foreign Affair','The great dictator), or simply the drama movies 'Cabaret', 'Christiane F’ or 'Berlin is in Germany', among others. 

This tour is full of surprises and great stories on film and the history of Berlin yesterday and today. The tour starts from the walk of the stars of the famous Berlinale International Film Festival and has an estimated duration of five hours. The price per person is 22 euros and does not include metro pass AB Bookings:

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