“In Berlin one enjoyed freedom of conscience and penis” 

The German capital was known during the early twentieth century as the "Babylon on the Spree", capital of debauchery, lively nightlife scene and maximum enjoyment of the senses, especially through the free interpretation of gender and sex practice. 

New ideas about erotic exhibitionism originated in the industrialized Berlin, the city of factories and high inflation, the capital of political and economic chaos, and of the advent of the Third Reich; a kind of ideal scenario for the Carpe diem of the moment. 

The interwar period transformed the city and its people, thus becoming even today protagonists of paintings, novels, photographs and famous films. Despite the Nazi regime, the War, and the division of the city by the Wall, Berlin is still today one of the capitals of the world regarding moral permissiveness and tolerance towards gender issues. 

In this tour you will be amazed at the collection and history of the Erotic Museum (one of the five most visited museums in the city, founded by a female aircraft pilot in World War II); by the nudist movement among the adult population, whose most visible meeting point is in the center of Berlin; by the history of the famous Nazi brothel immortalized in the movie "Salon Kitty"; or simply by strolling the gay district and passing by the hottest shops and clubs. 

The tour lasts approximately five hours and costs 25 euros. At the end of the tour, we will provide you with a list of the most representative Berlin cabarets as well as the best erotic venues, bars and parties.

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