There is no one Berlin, but many. This is the city today famous for its alternative neighbourhoods, blooming creative diversity in terms of living, eating, drinking, clothing or simply looking. The fall of the Berlin Wall meant for some neighbourhoods an opportunity to reborn by mixing the best of the two worlds before divided. Today these quarters represent the genuine free spirit of Berlin. Thus, there is no  complete visit to the city without knowing the best of its alternative scene. 
¡Vaya Berlin! shows you  the most relevant sites of alternative Berlin: non commercial  and street art, shops, cafes, restaurants, occupied buildings, markets and much more. From the  youngest and most rebel district of Friedrichshain, before in the communist Berlin, to the colourful and enriching mix of nationalities at Kreuzberg, and the trendiest spots in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. We will visit its most attractive sites, eat what today is considered the best Currywurst for berliners, and end up in one of  the most famous streets for shopping and relaxing.
The tour takes 5 hours and it costs 20 euros.

* You would need to purchase one underground pass, zones AB. 

¡Vaya Berlín! Tours. 
Tf: 0049 (0) 160695385